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Discover our ABA early intervention centers, where every child's unique story unfolds in a world designed just for them. Within our walls, personalized spaces cater to their comfort and learning needs, setting the stage for their individual growth. Engaging in vibrant activities, each child is prepared seamlessly for the school journey ahead. Safety is our fortress, ensuring a secure haven for both our young explorers and dedicated team members. And because we believe no child should ever go hungry, we extend a helping hand by providing nutritious lunches for families in need. At BehaviorSpan centers, it's not just care; it's a narrative woven with care, fostering the happiness and growth of every child.

Our ABA Early Intervention Centers

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Fun Spaces to Learn

Our spaces are custom designed to inspire joy. Children that are having fun and are engaged learn more quickly.

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Active Engagement Initiatives

Emphasis on keeping each child active and engaged in stimulating physical and social activities.

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Age-Appropriate Routines

Age appropriate activities and schedules to prepare each child for their transition to school.

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Personalized Private Areas

Each child has their own room or private space in their center for their one-on-one treatment.

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Safety Comes First

Safety for each child and team member is always our highest priority.

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We Support for Our Families

For our families in need of support, BehaviorSpan offers free lunch programs and invites families to be a part of our BehaviorSpan Closet. BehaviorSpan's Closet is a resource in which client's caregivers and staff can donate clothes, shoes, or diapers their children have outgrown or no longer wear. Caregivers may also come look to the items and may take anything they need.

Get in touch with BehaviorSpan

Aurora ABA Center:

14707 E 2nd Ave GL100, Aurora, CO 80011


          Mon - Fri: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Denver ABA Center:

2111 S Dahlia St 
Denver, CO 80222


          Mon - Fri: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Autism Applied Behavior Analysis and Early Learning

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