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Our story began in 2015 as a small team delivering ABA therapy in Denver. Today, we proudly operate purpose-built ABA centers across Aurora and Denver.

Our commitment lies in fostering joy, respect, and care within our centers. Imagine spaces filled with laughter, meticulously designed to educate and nurture the growth of every child. We're dedicated to equipping these kids with skills that extend far beyond the present, shaping their futures through our highly effective, personalized ABA therapy for children on the spectrum.

The backbone of our success?


Our incredible ABA team. We're not just colleagues; we're collaborators supporting, pushing, and celebrating each other. Passion drives us; it’s what fuels our support for clients and our unity as a team.

But here's the twist:


our commitment extends beyond work. We're passionate about facilitating your personal aspirations too! Our comprehensive package is tailored to strike the right balance between your career and personal life. Robust training and opportunities for professional advancement? Absolutely! And the proof? Our turnover rate stands impressively below the industry average, at less than 30%.

Diversity is our strength.


Our team is a mosaic of cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds. Embracing diversity is a core value; discrimination has no place within our walls. At BehaviorSpan, every individual’s uniqueness is not just respected but celebrated.

Are you ready to embark on a fulfilling journey? Join a team that blends professionalism with camaraderie, where your contributions truly make a difference.

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- Current Employee

“Positive working relationships and feedback are really important to me and I feel like I'm receiving that here. The staff really cares about the clients, which is different from other places I've worked. It feels good making a positive impact on the clients."

Autism Applied Behavior Analysis and Early Learning

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