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Our Story

Since 2015, we've expanded to purpose-built centers in Aurora and Denver, focusing on fostering joy, respect, and growth in spaces designed for personalized ABA therapy that shapes children's futures.

Our Services

Our services focus on Early Intervention ABA, vital for children with Developmental Delays or Autism. Each child's personalized team, led by a BCBA and RBT, prioritizes goal-oriented programming in a fun, engaging environment, employing research-based methods.

Our Centers

Our centers provide ABA early intervention in personalized spaces, fostering each child's comfort and growth. Prioritizing safety, we offer nutritious lunches for families in need, nurturing happiness and growth in every child's journey with us.

Our Team Welcomes You

Join our diverse and passionate ABA team that values collaboration and celebrates individual uniqueness. We prioritize both professional growth and personal aspirations, offering a supportive environment with ample advancement opportunities and low turnover rates.

Our Library

Our library houses resources covering Information, Milestones, Why ABA, Blogs, Newsletters, and E-Learning. Dive into developmental insights, ABA significance, engaging blogs, updated newsletters, and convenient e-learning materials—all in one place!

Contact Us!

Connect with us to discuss your needs. We'll schedule your complimentary consultation and assessment. We assist in navigating insurance or Medicaid and planning service funding. Once paperwork is complete, we develop a treatment plan for service authorization, paving the way to start your ABA therapy journey.

Our Mission

Our mission has centered on top-tier Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services, specifically targeting Early Intervention for children with Autism or Developmental Delays, making a crucial impact at the right moment.

Our Team

Our team values respect, care, and joy in our work with clients and their families. BehaviorSpan embraces diversity, finding strength in our varied backgrounds, committing to never discriminate based on race, religion, or beliefs.

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Autism Applied Behavior Analysis and Early Learning

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